Stevie Stone

Stevie Stone is an 25 year old American rap artist from Columbia, Missouri who is currently signed to Ruthless Records, He was also on fellow Missouri rapper Tech N9ne's K.O.D. tour, along with Slaughterhouse and Glasses Malone.

“Music was really in my family, My mom plays the piano. My dad played the piano and all my siblings sing.” As Stone grew older and embarked on new paths, ripe with life altering decision making, hip-hop would become his sport of choice. “Around high school, I was in between what I wanted to do, I had a scholarship to play basketball at a college in Iowa but music was pulling me,” Stone says in his interview. It wasn’t until 2001 when Stone stepped on the stage and his future was ultimately determined for him. It was the first time Stone performed at a live show, Stone recollects, opening for several artists including fellow Missouri native Tech N9ne, with whom he would later establish a brotherhood bond.

Stone’s album was completed in 2008 with smart and witty lyricism, neologisms known as “Himmi Hyme” come from Stone’s “Himmihyminary” (a dictionary of self-created lingo), bumping baselines, and an uncanny yet appealing sound that just cannot be pigeonholed. From the title track and certified arrival anthem that boasts of impacting vocals over sparse yet percolating percussion to the dance-inciting, hard hitting, and hypnotizing melodic arrangement of “Rap Gamez Callin’,” Stone shows his dues debt has paid off. His first album and he’s already locked down collaborations with Murphy Lee on “Gotta Love G’s,” the St. Louis anthem with the contagious chorus, Tech N9ne on the head bobbing banger “Midwest Explosion,” and the iconic funk doctor George Clinton on the Stone’s remake of “Red Wine.” “That was a blessing,” Stone declares. “I did the joint (“Red Wine”) and the chief engineer on the song was able to get it to George Clinton. George thought it was hot and offered to jump on it. We sent him the track and he sent us the finished files back. I believe he was in Moscow when we got the track back.” Now that’s a feat even the most talented of established artists would have a hard time accomplishing. ‘Nuff said? Just throw a cape on this man’s back because with the release of New Kid Comin’, Stevie Stone solidifies his spot as more than just a savior to hip-hop, he’s a certified superstar.


Single: Wait a Minute

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  1. unfortunately i wasn't able to watch the video, apparently it's band in the UK on copyright grounds? going to look into the artist anyway.

    Dwrek says:

    Over the top for sure, can back up the rumors surrounding him.

    sounds decent to me, thanks for the tip.

    i cant watch the video since its blocked for my country :(

    wait a minute, I'mma let you finish but...

    not feeling his delivery.

    Can't watch the video as well :(

    Bart says:

    awh... video did not work.

    The Game says:

    Vid doesn't work?

    Tah_Lehy says:

    Wait a minute :p

    Huge fan of Tech N9ne. If Tech believes in this guy to have him on tour then I will check him out.

    G says:

    cool tune

    Rondariel says:

    Meh video is blocked in my country. Annoying might still check the guy out.

    Anonymous says:

    Go Columbia, MO! My sister goes to college there.

    D.B. says:

    video doesnt work for me...

    i would enjoy it for sure. Cant u upload it or something?

    bbmike15 says:

    very cool stuff
    not my style though

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