Demigodz (Apathy + Celph Titled)

Lets break this ground in two real quick:

Apathy - an underground rapper and producer from Willimantic, Connecticut. He attended high school at various schools in Connecticut. He is a re-founding member and unofficial leader of the Demigodz crew. Apathy frequently collaborates with Demigodz members, Motive, Esoteric, and Celph Titled, who frequently produces for him. He is also a member of the super-group Army of the Pharaohs (founded by Vinnie Paz from Jedi Mind Tricks) and the Connecticut crew Doe Rakers with frequent collaborators Motive and Emilio Lopez. His DJ is Chum the Skrilla Guerilla. At one time, Apathy was signed to Atlantic Records, however after being shelved for many years, he finally decided to leave.

Celph Titled - The over-the-top, bazooka wielding action star of hip hop, charismatic Floridian word master Celph Titled began his professional entrance into the rap game as a teenage lyricist and local production staple during the late 90's indie 12-inch vinyl boom. Being a member of, and producing for, a number of boundary-pushing Tampa rap crews at the time, he networked heavily to take his music worldwide and began contributing beats and rhymes to a non-stop tirade of vinyl singles during a time when the 12-inch single market was key in building a cult fan base. Now embarking on a focused solo career with over ten years of industry know-how, respect, international touring and die hard loyal fans, the "Celph"-made independent pastor of punchlines sets out to solidify his stamp on the scene as a major factor once and for all.

Together this group has a great vibe of punchlines and crazy wordplay, check out this fun song, The Demigodz

Single: The Demigodz

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  1. Faily says:

    connecticut sounds real hardcore... they rap about trust funds and daddy's money...

    good source on the underground stuff

    Never heard of this, but I'll definitely check them out.

    I remember Apathy from a radio freestyle session he did with Sage Francis. This is the first time I've ever heard him actually rap, though, and he's not disappointing. Celph ain't too bad either. This seems like a fun little rap album, I'll have to review it someday.

    fedor519 says:

    Real hip hop right here people. I'm frankly tired of all this mainstream "guccimane" or "lil wayne" shit honestly. Nice post brotha.

    Dan says:

    nice, not bad.

    that has some nice flow in it

    Catchy tune!

    Mr. Kotor says:

    I like it.

    Bobby says:

    Celph Titled isn't from Miami, he's from Tampa Bay

    2Beer1Sip says:

    nice song bro

    HondaX says:

    good video..nice song

    hungrr says:

    Wow, this stuff is really good

    Astra says:

    this is good,

    Fuuuuuuuu says:

    kind of catchy!

    wow, crazy tune...

    gMusic says:

    Hi, fine beats lad! Haha. Check out my stuff too!

    XceptioN says:

    I like how different the music is in comparison to the lyricism. Doo Doo Dee Doo Doo Menamana

    Czikita says:

    i see we share the same music

    ImmaFrog says:

    this vid = awesome + rad

    freaking sick!

    Supoopin' =D

    Awesome post! =]

    LD says:

    sounds cool and i like how you added a lil back story to it

    Gemma says:

    loving your blog.:)

    badass vid o-o

    TeddyPin says:

    Like the beat to this bro, very nice

    Hemera says:

    not bad, real hardcore!

    Mac says:

    very cool man

    Felshy says:


    Unlogic says:

    he's funny xD

    DavidMade says:

    BEST MUSIC OUT THERE. Seriously!

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