Representing NYC but originally from Massachusetts, AKIR pushes a simple message: Always Keep It Real. Being cosigned by Viper Records, Akir stands beside the acclaimed king of underground, Immortal Technique.

There is no specific style to Akir, as he seems to flow like liquid according to the instrumental he's rapping over. He reminds me a little bit of Pharell on some tracks, then will jump over to Jungle Brothers. Akir is an artist who carefully sidestepped the “playa” image and who injected 16 shots of his intelligent wordplay into tracks.



Akir's debut album came out har and got great reviews. However, it breaks seventy minutes and seems to have a lot of filler and not as much lyrics as it should have. His style seems to go over everyday activities that seem to get overlooked. His single from the album is "Politricks", which is a lighter, fantasia type instrumental with looped violin in the back.

"Politicians that be gargling that garbage shit
Borgawood anonymous, Officers the opposite
Doctrines for illegal tended documents
Pocketin' the profits of the rockets
While they kick us out the projects
logic surprsing' common sense
Risin' occupants, supply the vitamins.
Survivin' and they got you doin' 5 to 10"
-- Politricks

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  1. Akir is really underrated, imo. The instrumental theme reminds me of Nujabes, both are pretty sweet and classic to me.

    Blackjack says:

    Very Nice

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