1994's Fear Itself is of significance to Owens' career. It is his only major label-marketed album and features various members of his crew, Hieroglyphics, on vocals and production. The album also features a prominent cameo from Bay Area rapper Saafir. The album follows a traditional format: its songs adhere to a verse-chorus-verse arrangement, and the up-tempo and slower tracks are contrasted against each other. The popularity of the album's second single, "I Didn't Mean To" exposed Owens to a wider audience. He released three follow-up albums after "Fear Itself", one of which ("He Think He Raw") was distributed by Sony-affiliated distributor Red Urban. Owens is now a community activist. In 2006, he took on a role as Music Production and Media Arts Consultant at Youth Uprising. Jonathan Owens currently holds a seat on the City of Oakland Board of Cultural Affairs. Owens is also CEO of Hiero Jeans.


Single: That's How It Is

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