Marcus Hopson, AKA Hopsin is an American rapper from Los Angeles, California. He is most notable for his self-directed music videos which have gained him popularity on video-sharing website YouTube. He was signed to former Bone Thugs N Harmony record label Ruthless Records in 2007, and has since founded his own record label Funk Volume. Immediately after signing, he received multiple notable acclamations in hip-hop magazines and internet publications, and was described as the new face of west coast hip-hop in many instances. After making a guest appearance in the film Fame starring Kelsey Grammer, Hopsin's notoriety gained him a starring role in the independent musical film entitled Bomb The World in which he plays a rapper by the name of Face. These were his first major acting appearances since he played a minor role in an episode of Thats so Raven in 2004. His debut album Gazing At The Moonlight was released October 26, 2009.

His sophomore album Raw was released as a digital download on Itunes and as physical CD on www.myfunkvolume.com on November 19th, 2010.


Single: Sag My Pants

15 Response to "Hopsin"

  1. RaZer says:

    Cool song, I think I've heard it before though... Can't remember where from

    Boatato says:

    I don't know why he wants us all to sag his pants; they seem to be sagging a lot already.

    Chris says:

    His face looks kinda scary in the preview vid.

    Con Queso says:

    Yea, I agree with Chris. His face didn't give me a good first impression. But I really like this song, and I'm usually indifferent to hip-hop.

    Patwa says:

    good rap isn't bad ^^

    This ones quite good, had actually heard this before.

    shadi says:

    nice sont but i didn't like his eyes!!support

    Bart says:

    that nigga looks like a crack head. imo

    His eyes freak me out bad. but the songs cool.

    ha I loved that man. Thanks.

    Snaz says:

    Not too bad, lovin the contacts thing.

    this track certainly satisfies my need for rap.

    G says:

    Cool tune!

    Zoe! says:

    Really enjoyed this song.

    Them kids these days and their low crotched pants.

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