Iron Solomon

A fat, jew rapper. Yes, he's dope. His biography is non-existant online but he has been cosigned by Darryl McDaniels (of Run-DMC) when he preformed his Fourty Four Fours rap impromptu in front of Darryl. Iron Solomon is famous for his battles versus GrindTime artists such as E Ness, Jin, Thesaurus, and many others. He is one of the biggest names in the battle scene today. There's not much to say about him other than his albums aren't the hottest, BUT, all of his battles and most of his freeverses are dope, make sure to check him out on youtube at

But for right now, check out this freeverse he did on DJ Tony Touch's show (skip to 0:30)

52 Response to "Iron Solomon"

  1. Donkote says:

    very talented guy, definitely going to listen to more

    Chris says:

    hadn't heard of him before this - thanks for the video

    dzikrk says:

    Yay I know him ;)

    Fuuuuuuuu says:

    he has a sick flow though

    hungrr says:

    Pretty good stuff you linked here.

    razortek says:

    yeah nice vid man anyway i don't know him

    Duelist says:

    Nice find, thanks

    Oh man, this cat is badass. Where's he out of? What's his history? Can't wait for this dude to get a Wikipedia article.

    Jehrin says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing this

    to OneFourSeven:

    I'm really not sure I think he's from a part of New York but I have no idea. He originally started battling and now he's just been trying to get more into recording but it's not working out so much haha.

    Unlogic says:

    this is sick !

    Mark says:

    Haha that was awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    Lepoidim says:

    First time I've heard anything from this guy, pretty funny. He sure can spit a beat! UMPUMPUMP

    Hemera says:

    Thanks for sharing,very talented guy!

    Nice Freestyle. :D

    Teutorix says:

    great video, nice freestyle

    good man

    Dan says:

    sweet. nice.

    Jon says:

    this is my favourite rapper!

    Anonymous says:

    Awesome he is very good

    cool post

    RLouisos says:

    so many good jewish rappers

    hahaha wtf are you talking about? name 5 dope jewish rappers

    macl says:

    Hey, not much into rap, but loved this clip!

    i like it. good stuff \m/

    Seb says:

    wow. just wow. :p

    Nice obscure find. I like hip hop can be the most amazing artform, or it can be sloppy and abused - this guy is doing it right, so I hope he goes far.

    Mac says:

    hes very snazzy

    DavidMade says:

    First time I saw him, simply amazing.

    yeah shit is dope without a doubt

    never seen this guy before, will definately have to listen again

    That was fresh. Good stuff, I'll be around.

    this guy spits hot fire

    bangerang says:

    This is dope

    I responded to your comment in my post, go check it out :)

    I love this

    here's an excellent hip hop duo from my hometown


    Haven't heard of him. He's got a pretty good flow, I'm gonna have to check out some of his other stuff.

    ^^lazy comet

    The flow is really good, but the whole separate language thing is kinda killin it for me :P

    it's croatian :)

    ImmaFrog says:

    That man is solid.

    Wow thats a sick flow, never heard of him. Gotta check out more of his frees

    MTL beer says:

    He's pretty good.

    Pretty nice..Where did he come from?

    I like looking at this guys face while he's talking his expressions are really funny. The other guy should shut up because he starts to ruin it.

    this guy has some flow

    Raymundo says:

    this guy knows how to use words.

    nice post!

    MVA says:

    Is there anything a fat jew can't do?

    Czikita says:

    yea cool.

    Flav says:

    sick beats dude!! *taps foot

    WallabyWay42: I agree completely, Solomon puts so much passion into his words.

    Anonymous says:

    Iron Solomon is a great mc I think he needs a better producer for his tracks

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