Smoov-E is a bay area rapper from California whose influences include Mac Dre, a Bay legend whom he did many tracks with. He's got eight albums out from his original debut album "Smoov E" in 1999 to his 2008 release, "Rusty Squeezebox". Eli is known for his extraordinarily suggestive lyrics towards sex and drug sales, but doesn't talk much about violence surprisingly. He openly admits to his record saying "I'm a full fledged felon, fuck misdemeanors". His obsession with underage women shows in many of his different songs, one time in "Rollerskates" saying "did the monster mash on that ass, and played it cool/ had her back up in this ride and dropped this bitch back to high school//" and in Dreamgirl where it's nearly completely about having sex with his "dreamgirl" which is depicted in the video as a girl in her mid-teens.

Single: Long Duck Dong

19 Response to "Smoov-E"

  1. Bishmoo says:

    it's the e to l to the i

    good shit

    Lol this guy sounds pretty screwed up, he needs to go after real women.

    Bay rap ftw.

    Anonymous says:

    i lol'd

    aZZo says:


    Great stuff!

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    HondaX says:

    good stuff..

    Astra says:

    funny but good


    Czikita says:

    nigga go get a bitch

    She wanna play with my donkey kong." :D

    Smoov-e is epic. Keep it up, I'll be around.

    lol at his midi controler. mans got rhythm.

    Funny lol.

    I like your blog!

    Statutory rape is not cool! Haha.

    what're you talkin about honkhonk its all the rage these days!!

    I've been listening to this guy for a while! i love him lol

    its catchy.

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