Shabazz the Disciple

Shabazz the Disciple or Scientific Shabazz, is a rapper from the Red Hook Houses of Red Hook, Brooklyn. He is an original member of the Sunz of Man and Da Last Future.

Shabazz is possibly best known for his guest appearance on the 1994 Gravediggaz hit single "Diary of a Madman," and for his controversial 1995 single "Death be the Penalty." He formed the duo the Disciples with Killah Priest, and later formed Celestial Souljahz with Freestyle of the Arsonists.

Shabazz released a handful of singles in the mid-90s, such as "Death be the Penalty", "Crime Saga", "The Lamb's Blood" and "Street Parables", in anticipation of his planned 1998 debut LP on GZA's GZA Entertainment imprint. However, the label folded and his relationship with the Clan soon strained, leading him to cut his Wu-affiliated ties. He is also known for being an influence on the late Big Pun.

Shabazz finally released his debut album, The Book of Shabazz (Hidden Scrollz), in 2003, featuring his past singles "The Lamb's Blood," "Crime Saga," "Street Parables," and "Organized Rime Part 2," as well as the single "Red Hook Day" b/w "Thieves in da Nite (Heist)." In 2008, Shabazz formed the group T.H.U.G. Angels with fellow Sunz of Man member Hell Razah and producer Ayatollah. The group's debut, Welcome to Red Hook Houses, was released July 8, 2008, on Babygrande Records.

Single: Self Defence

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i may listen to this song more than once;)
    It is pretty good but I am with "Born this way" now

    Not bad, I liked it and could listen to more.

    The Game says:

    Im not a huge fan of rap, but this song ins't bad at all

    nice track, gonna look more into this guy.

    Good song, if you like slept on rappers try youtubing reed dollaz.

    Bart says:

    i approve of poor ppl killing eachother over nothing

    G says:

    he makes a good point - now following

    Chris says:

    Not too bad of a track


    That's pretty good.

    sweet track, good work

    Zoe! says:

    That song was so fresh!

    nice track, thanks for sharing

    Pretty good song

    pretty raw beat, I like that stuff.

    cool, good song

    I typically don't listen to rap, but this was actually decent. Thanks.

    Ramsay says:

    Never heard of this guy but sounded pretty good! I'll be sure to check out more of his stuff thanks for the suggestion!

    Anonymous says:

    This song speaks the truth! I like the vinyl crackle on this track's beat :D

    Ajora says:

    damn, this actually has a point. Sometimes I wonder if the legal system purposely discriminates.

    Vapor says:

    Dude got rocked with a chair.

    Patwa says:

    nice track ^^

    pol says:

    i love the track :) i'll try and find more of his songs

    zepdragon says:

    Very nice. Following

    -DO- says:

    nice song, thanks for sharing

    displayed says:

    yes yes yall and ya dont stop

    'Auana says:

    damn thats pretty tyte

    Daan says:

    I like the crushing old sound

    murz90 says:

    Good track, gonna check more. Thx for sharing

    Awesome song. I'll be adding this to my iPod shortly.

    Niko says:

    Yeah I heard alot about this guy. The only wu-affiliate I've ever heard of was LA the Darkman.

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