Illmaculate & OnlyOne

13 Response to "Illmaculate & OnlyOne"

  1. Never heard of him or them but a good song.

    Chris says:

    Cool tune

    Some Guy says:

    low budget music video, but who cares? I'm not much of a hip hop listener, but this was good!

    Isaac says:

    Never heard of this guy but good song

    Zoe! says:

    Was that a freestyle? That was really good!

    I have a hard time listening to the lyrics...are they rapping christians??

    Anonymous says:

    sounds pretty good.

    sounds like some weak 90s crap. This guy should go back to sleep......hes real tired

    Great Post!

    Good music. Makes me tempted to freestyle rap too.

    Lenny says:

    like his track!

    Aesop says:

    Not bad, is he freestyling?

    he is good, but he is only like 3 foot tall. lol. funny guy there.


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