Eddie Hayes, better known by his stage name Aceyalone, is an American rapper.

He is a founding member of the Freestyle Fellowship. Apart from his role in Freestyle Fellowship, Aceyalone is also a member of Haiku D'Etat (with Mikah 9 and Abstract Rude) and The A-Team (with Abstract Rude), and he is a co-founder of Project Blowed.

After releasing a pair of albums with the Freestyle Fellowship, To Whom it May Concern... and Innercity Griots, as well as the 1994 Project Blowed compilation, Acey signed to Capitol Records and released his highly acclaimed solo debut All Balls Don't Bounce in 1995. He returned three years later with his second album, A Book of Human Language, a collaboration with producer Mumbles. In 1999, he released a self-titled group album with Haiku D'Etat. In 2000, The A-Team released their first album as a duo, titled Who Framed the A-Team?. Acey returned solo again in 2001 with his third solo album, Accepted Eclectic. In 2002, the Freestyle Fellowship returned after 9 years for the release of their third group album, Shockadoom. 2002 and 2003 saw two more solo releases, Hip Hop and the World We Live In and Love & Hate and another A-Team album ('Lab Down Under'). In 2006, Aceyalone released two more solo projects, first, Magnificent City, a collaboration with producer RJD2, followed by Grand Imperial.

Acey has also gained national prominence by being featured on numerous 2K Sports games.


Single: Everything Changes

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  1. I really like the beat in this.

    Isaac says:

    Nice song and video

    Sounds like a gas used in welding.

    Good beat, not a bad tune.

    Anonymous says:

    A few of my favorite albums are by him...

    All Balls Don't Bounce, Book of Human Language and the colab Haiku D'Etat.

    All three of those are must listens.


    Vapor says:

    I faintly recall him

    Chris says:

    Diggin the beat.

    You know.. I dont hate that song...

    pretty rad. Thanks for posting. I'll probably hunt down some of this dudes stuff.

    ty for posting man

    Zoe says:

    This song is so sick!

    nice vid

    This dude sounds good to consider adding to my music collection.

    Cool blog you've got there. I don't really enjoy rap all that much, but I'll be reading your posts.
    Followed :)

    as always great little review of an artist!

    this beat is sickness

    -Poetry about life

    Pretty cool!

    9k Blogs Revival!

    Primitive says:

    hahha thats insane! keep it up =)

    I love Aceyalone. I'm glad he's getting mentioned here. I'm surprised you haven't put up some Jedi Mind Tricks unless I'm missing it.

    I completely agree

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