Greg Poe (born February 4, 1986), known as iLLmacuLate, is an underground hip hop artist/rapper from Llanelli, Wales, who from the age of 7 grew up in Portland, Oregon. At age 17, he won the 2004 Scrabble Jam freestyle wordplay competition, making him the youngest winner in the competition's history. He is a member of the Sandpeople group. With partner The Saurus, he has also competed in and won the 2006 and 2007 World Rap Championships, and the 2006 Spin the Mic competition.

In 2007, Vibe magazine named him one of the Best MySpace Rappers in America.

His 2005 album The Rain Check Mixtape is hosted by DJ Vlad, and includes appearances by 40 Cal. and Copywrite. Illmaculate also features with Sapient in the track "The Truthful" on Bliss n Eso's album Flying Colours and on the 'Turn Me On Remix' from Justice & Kaos's Turn Me On EP.


Single: Kicks to the Hat

6 Response to "Illmaculate"

  1. Anon says:

    Cool tune

    Welsh hip-hop. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    JohnH says:

    vibe magazine always good for top tips for the future. quality song too

    Tsipise says:

    hehe, didn't know the hidden powers of the Welsh.

    i like the beats..

    I just found the GRIND TIME battling league on Youtube last weekend and watched Illmaculate beat Thesaurus. Shit was EPIC.

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