Beats by Dre for sale!

I've got a great hookup for some Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones where I can sell em around $160 a pop (retail is $350) so leave your email address if you're interested and I'll throw you an email.

21 Response to "Beats by Dre for sale!"

  1. They look comfy.

    JohnH says:

    these headphones are sick. i'd recomend them to anyone

    Tsipise says:

    I need new headphones. I have Sennheiser now, I think I will go for them again. They are very good.

    awesome headphones

    Vapor says:

    Nice headphones, I wish I wasn't broke.

    Man those are fresh as fuck!

    miecak says:

    I just got some new headphones, thanks :D

    Isaac says:

    I've heard these are amazing headphones

    160 is such a steal.

    Chris says:

    Hows the review of this?

    Mr. Snaz says:

    I tried these things, my ears came.

    Anonymous says:

    I LOVE my beats <3 I got mine at full price though, a year ago- Def recommend them <3

    watchman says:

    I owned these headphones and I cannot recommend them to anyone unfortunately. They literally broke apart at the plastic seam where the little screw looking things are.

    I'd check these out, but at the rate I'm going with my headphones I'll be deaf by 30 anyway. What can I say? I love LOUD music.

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    Can someone tell me what is so special about these beats???? I have skull candy and I love them.

    What about Bose? Are Dre better than Bose?

    MEANDI says:

    not a big fan of these

    sweet stuff, are these authentic ones? any proof? might be interested in buying

    flexbrah says:

    these headphones are amazing. pricey, but well worth the money!

    damn I'd be down for this but I'm pretty low on funds these days =/

    TEAM JDM says:

    nice blog! Good stuff!!!

    Dre studio phones are a joke. They do not reproduce sound very well at all. I'll stick with my AKGs. They make real headphones.

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