Chet Haze

Check this fucking shit out. You're not going to believe who it is...



Single: White & Purple (Northwestern Remix)

14 Response to "Chet Haze"

  1. Zoey says:

    lol crazy song!

    Don't think he'll be outshining his dad.

    Choms1337 says:

    very good music :D

    Great song!

    JohnH says:

    crazy, love chet haze so much. do prefer chet baker though. lol

    nice vid

    Isaac says:

    what a great song!

    erics says:

    i can hear tom's influence in the music.

    Vapor says:

    Is that Vanilla Ice?

    JayPower says:

    Looks like hanks son went off the rails a lil while his dad was busy on the island talkin' to wilson ;D

    Matthijsb says:

    is it really his son? totally different guy i think

    Is this for real?

    ^^ Nah this is really his son, you can look it up through Google, just type in Chet Haze.

    IsoGame says:

    That's insane

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