"Donovan Johnson (born July 9, 1985) better known by his stage name XV is an American rapper, singer and songwriter from Wichita, Kansas. He first gained major attention after the release of his twelfth mixtape Everybody's Nobody. In which he received two awards from DJBooth.net. His name, XV, refers to the age (15) at which he began to create music. On Monday July 26, 2010, XV, announced that he signed a Recording contract with Warner Bros. Records via his Twitter page."


Single: Fall Out The Sky

13 Response to "XV"

  1. CAE.II says:

    Music video is of average quality, but the music is really good! Definitely adding this to my list to download, thanks!

    Eh the video, music aint half bad though.

    Anonymous says:

    The beat is cool man :D

    poorfags says:

    Dems beats is swizzy

    Alixander says:


    tigey says:

    he looks badass :)

    FORISBAN says:

    cool song !

    cool music video :p ! thanks

    jura1991 says:

    i loveee your blog,,visit mine..

    HondaX says:

    oh very nice

    Anonymous says:

    cool song mang, mellow beats

    iMonei says:

    i heard the kid first time a year ago, not my thing, the flow was off and it's not my style. kid will be successfull tho

    SpringyB says:

    Not bad. I agree with the video not being that great though.

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