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"Blossoming during an age in which independent hip-hop was creating its own self industry, much of the Midwest was watching its artists putting their cities on the map, Soulcrate Music took the model to a new plateau. DJ Absolute and siblings Attention Def and Dirt Dee built their following from scratch in their hometown of Sioux Falls, SD, focusing on creating new style of energetic music with a high regard for soul and classic hip-hop. Quickly, the trio found itself opening local shows for national heavyweights, from Atmosphere, 311 and The Spill Canvas. Their following at home exploded overnight, selling out 400-500 capacity venues as a must see headliner. Soon focus turned to regional touring and caught the attention of Black Clover Records (Mac Lethal's label), who took their road show national. They toured relentlessly in 2009 and sold-out hometown venues with capacities nearing 1000. "The Heartland Panic" Soulcrate's newest release is a ground breaking effort that shatters the genre boundaries that will be supported by multiple national tours throughout 2010."


Single: Sleep Awake

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  1. FORISBAN says:

    nice song dude!

    Paul says:

    wow thanks for the update! great vid!

    dude in the rabbit suit looks evil as hell

    Lepoidim says:

    really good stuff, gunna listen to more of there stuff

    Mellisa says:

    hahah pretty cool!

    Sick song!

    Digger says:

    awesome single

    Dan says:

    Dang, they are really pretty good. I would never have imagined they were white from the sound of it. But this soul rap is a lot better than most of the crap out there. It's also neat that they are from South Dakota lol. some of the footage in the video was pretty good. I especially liked the panning images of them in the beginning. Not sure about the rest, kind of weird.

    ImmaFrog says:

    unbelievable post, man

    haha, great song ! thanks for sharing the video ;)

    Longkid says:

    Its actually really good.

    tigey says:

    Hehe, fnny bunny

    S says:

    that bunny is creepy :P

    Sinisa says:


    Lewis says:

    nice song thanks :)

    dous says:

    I love your blog because you show me music I have never heard before! And thats saying a lot!

    Voacaroo says:


    Chris says:

    never heard these guys before - thanks for the vid

    I like this song

    nice, can't wait for more

    this is a good follow up to your last one

    I never thought about ti that way

    keep up the good work, and I'll keep coming back :)

    nice, can't wait for more

    this is a good follow up to your last one

    I never thought about it that way

    cool, thanks for sharing

    that's a good one

    this was the most interesting to me

    nice I'll check back tomorrow

    thanks for the useful info :D

    lol, cool clip

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