"Peter William Nelson (better known by his stage name Copywrite, also known as Copywrite 78) is an underground hip-hop artist from Columbus, Ohio. A member of the Columbus crew MHz (or MegaHertz), Nelson emerged from the underground scene in 1998 along with his group "MHz" with a debut single on Fondle 'em Records,entitled "World Premier" b/w a solo song by the late Tero Alexander Smith, better known to the rap world as "Camu Tao" entitled "Camu" own by Bobbito Garcia & later went solo due to DJ Mighty Mi not wanting to sign his group, "MHz". In 2000 he released "Holier Than Thou" with producer RJD2 on Eastern Conference/Rawkus Records.

His debut album The High Exhaulted was released on the Eastern Conference label to some praise, although some felt that RJD2's beats were too dark for Copywrite's persona. His second release, Cruise Control Mixtape: Volume 1, was released on the O.D.O.T. record label in 2004, rerelased on Nature Sounds in 2005 and featured production from Jake One, J-Zone, & the late, great Jay Dilla. Copywrite co-founded the Weathermen, but left after personal disagreements with Cage."


Single: Stop

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  1. HondaX says:

    cool video...

    iMonei says:

    never heard of this ugy

    Paul says:

    good stuff. thought he was high at 1st and then oh he rolling one, lol thought so

    Matte says:

    never heared him but looks nice

    Mellisa says:

    pretty good jamz

    iLike. :D

    A Hermit says:

    Pretty good, I liked it

    Sinisa says:

    nice man...

    tigey says:

    He seems cool

    Voacaroo says:

    Cool.. I kinda like it

    SpringyB says:

    Copywrite is copywritted? lolololol

    K I'm done

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