Quarters is a pretty damn underground guy. He's only released like 3 songs but somehow has gotten a steady amount of views and people asking for more and more songs. He comes from Brooklyn, New York. There aren't any biographies posted about this guy and he doesn't have any albums out so its pretty rough writing about him. He's a producer, an engineer, and a DJ. He doesn't put too much upon his rapping, he prefers producing.


Single: Lines Hrrpressed

12 Response to "Quarters"

  1. Lepoidim says:

    nice song, gotta listen to his other stuff!

    Sweet song!

    This is not to bad.

    Paul says:

    sounds tight

    FORISBAN says:

    good song

    SpringyB says:

    This is why I love internet music.

    soundin alright, will have to look further into him

    tigey says:

    OK song, not my type though

    jura1991 says:

    great song

    dous says:

    I love it!

    Remember stublming across him in high school, good times

    Stumbling *

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