Living Legends

"The Living Legends Crew originally grew out of, Mystik Journeymen, composed of BFAP-Brother From Another Plant(now known as Sunspot Jonz) and PSC-Pushin Suckas Conscious(who is now known as LuckyIAM). Beginning in 1994, the Mystik Journeymen began cultivating a fan base by selling their own tapes on the streets and hosting "Underground Survivors" shows in East Oakland. In 1995 the duo met The Grouch, and soon embarked on the first of several of self-funded tours throughout Europe. In 1996 Mystik Journeymen and The Grouch joined with the trio, *3 Melancholy Gypsys of Los Angeles,and to form the Living Legends. The crew has since grown to include Bicasso, Aesop, and Arata. The group and its members have founded and operated several imprints, including Outhouse Records, Revenge Entertainment and their current label, Legendary Music. In 1999, Living Legends moved their base of operations to Los Angeles."

I was actually thinking about who I should write about next (while pandora radio was playing) and a song just came on and it was almost like it was sent from heaven haha, the song was "Moving at the Speed of Life" which was on Tony Hawk's Project 8, and I immediately knew who I would write about.


Single: She Wants Me

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    Nice find, thankyas

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    Your knowledge of hip hop is very impressive.
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    I didn't even know of the diversity in hiphop until I followed your blog.

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    So many people have helped shaped Hip Hop into what it is today. Thanks for sharing all these facts with us, and the song is great too.

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    This song seems familiar from somewhere but I can't place it.

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    Great song! thanks for posting!

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    Awesome song, awesome post. Keep us posted about good raps :)

    that's a cool video

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    that's good to know

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    Kewl story, bra! waiting for updates from you

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    fanx 4 checking me out bro, good blog. hiphop <3

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    Cool stuff, nice video

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