Black Milk

"In 2004, he formed B.R. Gunna, with Young RJ, and Fat Ray, and together they released Dirty District: Vol. 2, a follow up to a compilation released in 2001 by Slum Village, which he had contributed production to. Black Milk released a solo album, Sound of the City, Vol. 1, the following year and in 2006 he signed a record contract with Fat Beats Records (Fat Beats is currently distributed by Koch Entertainment, the largest independent distributor in the U.S.). In the fall of 2006, he released an EP, entitled Broken Wax. March 13, 2007 he released a second album, Popular Demand.[1]"

"In only a few years, producer/emcee Black Milk has quickly developed into one of the few hip hop artists who both carries an accomplished resume and is followed with widely-held optimism about what he can bring as one of the leaders of the modern hip hop movement."


Single: Welcome (Gotta Go)

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  1. banging track.

    Igotta respect M.C. that are also Producers. :D

    Lepoidim says:

    Tuneee :)!

    Paul says:

    yeah good stuff!

    iMonei says:

    nice beat, will checking him oiut

    anon1337 says:

    Really liking it, that's awesome. Seriously, thank you.

    Voacaroo says:


    PlanetBen says:

    Sweet video
    I just stumbled upon your blog, gonna follow for sure

    TechnoMac says:

    wow never heard of them before thats nice

    jura1991 says:

    amazing video..

    SY says:

    DETROIT!!!! I love my City... great post.. I have never heard this artist before.

    good song, thanks for sharing

    Kichuwa says:


    FORISBAN says:

    great video!

    Copyboy says:

    It's like mace meets peter gabriel.

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