Reef The Lost Cauze

"Reef started battling other rappers in high school and earned a reputation as one of the best battle emcees in Philadelphia. He received a film scholarship to the University of the Arts where he began to visualize a serious career as a recording artist. Realizing his true calling, Reef dropped out of college at the age of 19 and teamed up with Philadelphia-based producer Sleep E to begin working on his first solo project. The 10 track album, The High Life, was released in 2001 and opened doors for Reef as he began performing at area clubs and generating praise from both fans and local media."


Single: The Sound of Philadelphia

10 Response to "Reef The Lost Cauze"

  1. Paul says:

    Great song. I love philly

    Sinisa says:

    lots of music today...

    Anonymous says:

    Nice track. Good to hear more and more shit coming out of PA.

    S says:

    the title is a great metaphor itself

    HondaX says:

    cool song

    cool song

    Cool story, bro!
    Following your blog

    iMonei says:

    dude is MEAN on the mic, mad flow and wordplay

    damn, this some good stuff sir.
    I hear dudes that can flow/rap alright but their beats are usually overtly polished beats for girls and cause me to lose interest. Stuff like this is the hip hop I dig.

    miecak says:

    Still not into rap, but that's ok :D

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