Big Sean

Sean Michael Leonard Anderson (born March 25, 1988) is an American hip hop artist who primarily goes by the stage name Big Sean. He was born in Santa Monica, California and moved to the Detroit, Michigan area at two months of age. Big Sean signed with Kanye West's GOOD Music in 2007, and then in 2008 signed with Def Jam Recordings. He has been featured in The Source and the Detroit Metro Times.

In 2005, Kanye West was doing a radio interview at 102.7 FM. Hearing about this, Sean headed over to the station to meet West and perform some free-style. Initially Kanye was reluctant to hear the emcee, however he gave Sean 16 bars to rap for him, eventually according to Big Sean "As we get to the entrance of the radio station ... we stopped in the middle of the doorway. He starts looking at me and bobbing his head,". He left a demo-tape as well. Two years later, West finally signed Big Sean to GOOD Music.


Single: Million Dollars

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  1. shahidj says:

    sweet song!

    "Have it", "Kravitz", inventive.

    Anonymous says:

    Man his flow is ill! The beat is so spacey :D

    Sinisa says:

    good to know...

    Gurney says:

    Great song!

    That's a great boy ! The song is really good :)!

    btw, have a great thanksgiving :)

    S says:

    great sound!

    You some legit music on your blog, you just got a new follower!

    This is what I call good music! Never hard before, now got his discography on my iTunes!

    tigey says:

    Yes, this Kanie West guy is ...wait I still dont know who he is, only seen him on south park :)

    Great post. Following thy

    ImmaFrog says:

    i like his music, mister

    Das Auto! says:

    but he doesn't actually say how he's gonna get the money..

    Anonymous says:

    I reely like your post!
    I follow you dayle!nice work Bro!

    Anonymous says:

    Great post. Following.

    ThatGuy says:

    Almost a arrogant as Kanye. Good song though

    @DasAuto! why does that matter... most of you 'hip hop heads' complain when people talk about getting money smh

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