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But thats beside the point...

Charles Worth (born October 20, 1986 in Cleveland, Ohio) better known by his stage name Chip tha Ripper is an American rapper and actor signed to his own record label, SLAB Entertainment. Releasing 3 projects, “Money”, “Can’t Stop Me” & his most recent release “The Cleveland Show”. Chip’s first album titled “Gift Raps” will be independently released through SLAB Entertainment & a collab group with friend Kid Cudi, titled “The Almighty GloryUS” to be released in the near future.

Chip has appeared on hundreds of national mixtapes. Legendary producer Hi-Tek put Chip on his first industry album Hi-Teknology 3, followed by a feature on Kid Cudi’s only mixtape “A Kid Named Cudi”, then a feature on Kid Cudi’s first album “Man on the Moon: The End of Day”. Already slated to be on Kid Cudi’s new album “Man on the Moon: The Legend of Mr. Rager” coming out later this year, Chip has a very busy 2010 and 2011.


Single: Feel Good

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  1. That first song had funny lyrics which reminded me of Afroman. This might not be the best hiphop I ever heard but this is way better than all the mainstream shit there is on radio/TV!

    Agree mainstream stuff is weak-sauce.

    Anonymous says:

    best line ever! I love saying that line
    Interior Crocodile Alligator!!!

    jura1991 says:

    nicee,,i like it..

    Ratch says:

    pretty good

    Gurney says:

    good stuff bro

    ImmaFrog says:

    that guy made me laugh

    Frank says:

    Hmm, not completely my style but it´s ok... Seen way better from you though...

    I like what you did with your blog. keep up the good work!

    tigey says:

    Nice one, glad I found it in here

    Sinisa says:


    as a geeky perv, the GPA and Strip Club references made my day. Dude is sick

    seems great song :p

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