LaDonnis Crump - Although born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Donnis didn’t start officially rapping until he was stationed in Japan while on duty with the Army. Donnis 25, spent four years in the U.S Air Force, where his military colleagues saw promise in his skill and urged him to perform at local clubs. Soon after he decided to finally pursue a career in the rap industry.

He performed at the “Bay to the A” concert in Anaheim, CA in early 2007 featuring rap’s heavy hitters Lil’ Jon, T-Pain and Rick Ross. A globetrotter whose been rapping and writing verses for years, Donnis has traveled to Thailand and South America and lived in Colorado, before making rap his full-time livelihood. Crump actually began his career in Atlanta. The young artist started creating rhymes when he was only 9 years old.

Networking with DJ Masterkey who Donnis describes as Tokyo’s Funkmaster Flex, he landed a gig opening for Chingy. Shows with T.I. and 112 soon followed.

When Crump returned to Atlanta in sping 2008, he linked up with prducers J.U.S.T.I.C.E. and Needlz to record his breakout mixtape Diary Of An ATL Brave, which contained his breakthrough track ‘Gone’ that gave him radio play and hype.This hype gained him a single deal for ‘Gone’ through indie label Fools Gold in September 2009, as well as landing him a deal with Atlantic Records just two months later.

Donnis is now readying for his debut album which is tentatively called ‘Past Visions of the Future’.


Single: Gone

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  1. Sugar says:

    sugar likes your blog..;)

    Air Force huh?

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    tigey says:

    Air Force Rapper, sounds cool

    Anonymous says:

    he never takes off his hat! lol

    Gurney says:

    great song. love the lesbo kiss and his hat is driving my crazy lol

    Sinisa says:

    good to know...

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    Air force into rapping. Huh.

    ImmaFrog says:

    nice vid, mister

    miecak says:

    Rappetty rap!

    Brut says:

    sigh rap music, what will crazy kids think up next

    Anonymous says:

    decent track, the autotune could go tho

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