Definitely fresh upon the scene, Yelawolf reigns from Alabama. His first album, Creek Water, wasn't a very huge hit when it was released in 2005. Now, he's working with some of the biggest names in rap such as Bun B, Juelz Santana, and Gucci Mane. He is able to swap up flows upon a whim as well as come with a Busta Rhymes-esque "automatic flow" hitting all 16 syllables in a bar. His first large mixtape was Trunk Muzik which came out in 2010, however, his first large album (Trunk Muzik 0-60) will be releasing late October.

A handful of people would argue that Yelawolf sounds like Eminem, which in my humble opinion, they sound nothing alike. The only similarities they have is that they are both white. There's noone I could honestly say sounds like Yelawolf, his style is completely on its own and sounds like a light-street feel but at the same time having southern roots. Its heavy on the bass and synth. Two of his producers for Trunk Muzik are SupaHot Beats (Columbia, SC) and DJ Burn One.


Single: Pop The Trunk

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  1. Duelist says:

    Nice find, thanks

    tarantism says:

    not bad

    brendan says:

    nice ive found a new band

    Hopz says:

    yelawolf - speakersex is by far the dopest track

    Thats some sick shit

    Satan says:

    Cool beans, thanks for sharing.

    razortek says:

    fullowin 'n' suppin bro :)


    followin.. not exactly my style but I'm sure you'll up something I like eventually :)

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