Brotha Lynch Hung

Whats up followers?! I've got another rapper for you that's been around for a HELL of a long time but just recently got a little bit of exposure. His name is Brotha Lynch Hung! He's sold over 1.4 million CDs but here's the catch... he's been rapping since 1986. A self proclaimed schizophrenic, Brotha Lynch is noted as the creator of HorrorCore rap where he raps violent and often insane lyrics, occasionally allowing a story into his playlists. His flow is very smooth and quick.

A member of the Crips, Brotha Lynch has obviously had his problems with the law, especially from his music. In 1996 an 18 year old man went a rampage killing 3 of his friends. What does this have to do with Lynch? Well, before killing these three people, police say he had listened to "Locc 2 da Brain" by Brotha Lynch repeatedly.

Brotha Lynch was just recently signed to Tech N9ne's label, Strange Music, where he released his newest album, Dinner and a Movie, one of the singles of which is Nutt Bagg:

Single: Nutt Bagg

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  1. Jacob says:

    That is a nice track, I've seen his name appear often but never really sat down to listen to him until now.

    2Beer1Sip says:

    nice blog im a big hiphop fan will follow

    Nice man haven't seen a blog with this

    Crazy track, I'm thinkin' if I like it or not.

    Menial says:

    nice shit, keep going

    razortek says:

    really a nice song!

    Stav88os says:

    cool story bro!;)

    Ooooooold schooooooool, I remember this shit from back in 8th grade. I still bust out Brotha Lynch from time to time, fucking disgusting lyrics haha.

    Carl says:

    I used to LOVE this guy, I even named my dog lynch, hes still good, but I moved on

    Bublee says:

    This was way back in the day. I am surprised I still like it. Good stuff man! post moar! :D

    nubilus says:

    holy shit brotha lynch, here come memories hahah... i remember when they tried blaming Locc 2 da Brain for that shooting years ago

    glosey says:

    that shits pretty tight

    Redux says:

    This shit is so og i cried , awesome !

    BLUERAD says:

    Cool blog, nice track. Also reccomend you move your comment link on top of your posts, its a bit easier to find

    2Beer1Sip says:

    cool track bro, would be cool if u make a post about EPMD, a tribe called quest or beastie boys

    VanStino says:

    Thanks for the music :)

    nice, you got me hooked :P

    Meniacle says:

    Love this guy xD

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