Lord Finesse

Lord Finesse

Some cats that are really into hip hop are gonna be praisin this dude, but if you aren't deep into it, here's a gem by the name of Lord Finesse. Representin the Bronx, Lord Maybe thats why he ran DITC (Diggin In The Crates) who eventually had Fat Joe, O.C. Buckwild, and Big L. Sure, he's a bit overweight, but so was Pun, and BIG, so get off his back.

When you listen to Lord Finesse you'll understand where Big L got all his style from. From the punches, to the flow, to the style of rhyme, you can nearly feel Big L. The only difference is a deeper voice. You wanna hear the hip hop professor of the 90s? Look no further. Keepin everything laid back, Finesse keeps funky tracks with a mesmerizing bass line flowin in the back.


Single: Lord Finesse vs. Percee P
(YouTube wouldn't let me upload my video for some reason so I had to use another song)

"See you out your mind you tryin to face the god
your rhyme is like an empty prison, a waste of bars
no time flash see i scrape the squad
we dont -- ask for shit we just take whats ours"
-- Lord Finesse vs. Percee P

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    Not my thing :)

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    Love the oldschool beat

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