Who dat who dat?! SPOSE!

"Spose began rhyming while he was in eighth grade, and started to pursue his rapping career in 2004. In 2007, he self-released his first album, Preposterously Dank. In January 2010, Spose's single, "I'm Awesome," (from the We Smoked It All mixtape, a collaboration between Spose and Cam Groves) received airplay on Maine radio stations. In February 2010, after the song caught on in other parts of the United States, Spose signed a record deal with Universal Republic Records and announced that he would begin working on a music video. In March 2010, the video was filmed in Wells at the town-owned activity center where Spose had his first concert at the age of 14. The video was released on April 14, 2010. "I'm Awesome" peaked at #37 on the Billboard Hot 100."

Spose sounds a lot like.. a lot like a doper Asher Roth. He runs a lot of stories which I like a ton. He just exploded from his single "Im Awesome" and has been doing many collaborations (one unreleased one with Mac Lethal, who was previously mentioned in my blog). You should definitely check him out, but keep in mind he is nowhere near hardcore, being from Maine haha.


Single: Who Dat

28 Response to "Spose"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dope track!

    SWOOP! says:


    snoobyy says:

    wow they're awesome.

    I like this guy, he has the sort of ironic arrogance that makes you believe his self-professed hype.

    Fantastic stuff! XD

    SpringyB says:

    Not a bad song.

    Nominator says:

    pretty cool :)

    Lovely song :3

    Anonymous says:

    decent track, sounds a little like dl incognito

    tigey says:

    Doper Asher Roth , lol

    Frank says:

    Aah yeah, really good stuff dude !! Normally not my style but I like this !!

    Oooo i like, imma look up more on youtube. :D

    miecak says:

    Good stuff.

    One of my former bosses used to quote this song all the time, lol. Thanks for the comment, btw. If you can, try to catch it on comedycentral.com if they have the full rally up.

    anon1337 says:

    I like it, damn good.
    Thanks for this.

    kennett4 says:

    hi ya thanks for the comment! love this choon keep up the good work!

    this is awesome! Keep it coming!

    i dont really like rap / hiphop, but this isnt bad.

    Wasn't bad...

    Gansita says:

    Deep lyrics =) good track, thanks for share!

    Great post, bro!

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    Anonymous says:

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