"What I find truly fascinating about DOOM, is that most rappers ride behind the beat, or rather take their cue from the beat. Whereas DOOM seems to dictate the beat- not vice versa. If it were a dance, others let the beat lead, where with DOOM he is right there with the beat if not anticipating it. For example the beat starts on his first consonant. Rapping in DOOM's style is very hard. I, atleast find myself sounding like I'm behind the beat, because DOOM rides infront of the beat."

Known for his ability to wrap himself around the beat, MF DooM not only raps but produces beats (all of his own as well as many for mainstream rappers). He's had an identity crisis, holding all of the names: MF DooM, King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn, The SuperVillain, and Metalfingers. It has seemed that he has worn a mask ever since the death of his brother, who rapped with him in the group KMD (Kausing Much Damage) back when he was a youngster. Due to his ability to stay under the media, his location has changed from New York to the Mid West to Atlanta. He recently got caught sending other people to perform for him (lol). Check it this track, its really smooth, he produced the beat himself.


Single - Doomsday

38 Response to "MF DooM"

  1. Brandon says:

    Sending others to perform as him is all kinds of hilarious

    LM says:

    i love DOOM!

    Anonymous says:

    what is doom?

    what do you mean what is doom? MF DooM is the rapper...

    Nominator says:

    i totally agree. nice article.

    DavidMade says:

    This is weird and interesting at the same time. I am puzzled.

    Anonymous says:

    Doom's flow is so awesome!

    Pretty awesome, thanks for the vid!

    Koniworld says:

    nice... i never listen to their music..
    i like it

    I first heard of MF DOOM on the Gorillaz album Demon Days, though I must admit I haven't really pursued him that much.

    This vid was pretty dope though, I especially like the casual swagger he flows with. Think I have something new to explore...

    great article although i didn't know him. but you're right with your statement!

    Dan says:

    Haha thats awesome, love it.

    SWOOP! says:

    Never heard of them

    dzikrk says:

    Doom rocks

    Anonymous says:

    mf doom is teh gawd hip hop 4evar

    I liked MF DOom, prefer Immortal Technique and Diabolic though. Even Low Key

    nice post

    I'm not a really big fan of hip hop myself, but I must say that I've stumbled upon his music recently and it was one of the few that grew on me, he is definitely skilled!

    Pietje says:

    I just don't like him!

    Fuuuuuuuu says:

    this guy has a sick flow

    I have respect for this guy

    CAE.II says:

    Very cool. Thanks for bringing this guy to my attention!

    Sweet vid!

    MF Doom is sick.

    LM says:

    my DOOM's day


    this guy is legit!

    love mf doom.

    Doom FTW!

    anon1337 says:

    Doom is awesome, nice vid.

    Campino says:

    that guy is cool

    "it's amazing raising young rule number one, keep your fazers on stun" I've heard that dooms somewhat of a nerd actually, makes it easy to relate, love his music, one of the best if not the best rapers nowadays.

    Mc Uncool says:

    this is awesome.. no seriously this is awesome.

    4funz says:

    I like this one

    Stibbz says:

    Great stuff, posting about MF DOOM, he's truly amazing. Especially like him with the legendary Madlib, together as Madvillain. (remember It's doom with all caps :P)

    ^Yea I should spell it w/ all caps BUT the first time I saw the name it was written DooM so I always remembered it like that :P

    I LOL'ed at the last video.

    LOL "What is doom?"
    I love me some Doom though srsly.
    Be a fan of MF DOOM for a good many years.;D

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