Fat Rat Da Czar

I had to show some love to a local MC here in Columbia eventually, so I'm postin up one of my favorites, Fat Rat Da Czar. Originally born in Virginia, Fat Rat has opened for some of the biggest names in hip hop, including Ludicris, Talib Kweli, Trina, and the late Notorious B.I.G. He's known to make a venue blow up with him imposing figure, getting the crowd hype the second he steps up. Supported by his producer MIDIMarc he always stays smooth with his delivery. Make sure to check out his newest release on CDBaby, Da Cold War 2


Single: I Know You Don't Love Me
(song starts at 1:45)

42 Response to "Fat Rat Da Czar"

  1. Thanx for the Heads up on Fat Rat Da Czar. :D

    Christine says:

    sorry to say that, but that vid really blows i think!
    however, i respect you liking it though.

    Czikita says:

    another nigga ; d that can sing

    razortek says:

    ehw not my genre >.<

    DavidMade says:

    Awesome song!!!

    Easy says:

    thanks for the post! :p

    Lepoidim says:

    not bad at all!

    Not my genre but not bad I guess.

    damn yall are hatin hard

    HondaX says:

    thanks for this post

    A Hermit says:

    I kinda liked it, and I don't usually like hip hop

    Copyboy says:

    It's not Bon Jovi, but then again few are. :)

    Crammarc says:

    cool video

    Gansita says:

    I like dat track, bad thing I didn't grew up in da streets, lol

    zorancro1 says:

    great song! ty for supporting

    Darko says:

    nice video, thanks for post

    great song!

    now that's a good one!

    Eh, not too bad.

    Anonymous says:

    it was alright :)

    I was mildy confused throughout the video. Whats going on?

    ^its just him in the booth rappin that track haha just listen to the words

    Rezden says:

    Not bad. Thanks for sharing. :)

    It's pretty nice, not hating :D

    this guy has flow

    pixel says:

    virginia, cool - maybe i'll see him around

    Tony says:

    this dudes a pretty good rapper, im surprised he's not more popular considering his style and his apparent connections

    Crammarc says:

    good song here

    Matte says:

    i like it

    Ahh... I've heard this song before I just didn't know who made it :P

    Ken says:

    Kinda like it..!

    Voacaroo says:

    Nice song

    tigey says:

    Thumbs Up on this song !

    very nice song, love it!

    mango says:

    hey man im with you!
    have you checked out das racist?

    JP says:

    not bad, very underground

    Archi says:

    well i'm not that much into rap, but this one isn't bad :)

    Sweet rap!

    snoobyy says:

    i'll be sure to check this guy out.

    nick says:

    great track

    song was ok, not spectacular though.

    he spits hot fyuh

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