Das Racist

"Das Racist, who took the music world by storm this past March with their debut mixtape Shut up, Dude, is back with a Mishka, Diplo, Mad Decent and Greedhead Entertainment-presented sophomore release titled Sit Down, Man.

Das Racist has enlisted superproducers Diplo, Boi-1da, Scoop Deville, Devo Springsteen and Dame Grease as well as collaborations with El-P, Despot, Roc Marciano, Keepaway, Teen Girl Fantasy, Chairlift and Vijay Iyer to make this one of the hottest projects of the year by one of the most sought after unsigned acts in recent years."

These guys are known for their less-than-serious rhymes, pretty much just havin fun on a beat. I mean, that's what a lot of people like to hear, especially in older times, just people geekin on beats, nothin' wrong with that. The single I posted up is pretty smooth, you're not gonna flip outta your chair from any of the lines, but its definitely a fun track, definitely worth peepin.


Single - All Tan Everything

18 Response to "Das Racist"

  1. This was pretty enjoyable. I was initially thrown aback by that name haha. Song is funny though. And fun.

    HondaX says:

    interesanting song.....

    snoobyy says:

    haha good video.

    Anonymous says:

    nice video
    hope for more from you

    River says:

    Fun song hehe

    Anonymous says:

    the 1st rapper at :40 sounds like 50 cent haha

    Alixander says:

    Nice song. Thanks for sharing.

    Rand.oM says:

    Reminds me of another song, I think they better watch their ass, RIAA AND MPAA are gonna sue their ass ...

    O cool i should check out this mixtape. :D

    DavidMade says:

    This video is really good.

    Hmm, I like these guys.

    nice, thanks for sharing!

    Such a fun group, very nice alternative to the all too serious rap that dominates the game, it seems

    LoL video bra.

    Voacaroo says:

    NICE! :D

    Sweet track. I'll definitely look further into their discography.

    I love his album titles. Simple and interesting.

    Word :p

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