Bryce Case Jr. performs as an MC and a DJ under the name Ytcracker. He is best known for his work in the genre of Nerdcore hip-hop in 2005 producing the album NerdRap Entertainment System. The album was created by adding vocals to re-mixed digital music from original Nintendo games, and was described in Newsweek as a "classic of the style." In Las Vegas, Case performed in 2006 at the Consumer Electronics Show and in 2007 performed at the Players Ball, appearing with the rappers Xzibit, Ice Cube and Too Short. Case runs an independent record label, Nerdy South Records.

YTCracker has released over 14 albums via the internet and has been deemed as a leader of the subgenre of rap "Nerdcore Hip Hop". His raps are very spacey and typically are about the internet, hacking, spamming, or smoking weed. He is known for his website and for hacking into NASA's website in 1999. He is a heavy supporter of (legal) marijuana use and owns a dispensary in Colorado with his crew, Spamtec. For right now, check out one of his newer songs, "Take a Knee"


Single: Take a Knee

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  1. Lepoidim says:

    hmm not bad

    pretty fresh.

    razortek says:

    not bad but not my genre :D

    Always been partial to Futuristic Sex Robotz personally, but you can't ignore YTCracker. Definitely a genre classic (if we can call him that already)

    Anonymous says:

    not bad, thanks for sharing :D!

    Rezden says:

    That was amazing. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. :) Following and looking forward to more.

    8mm says:

    Awesome video! And thanks for the post on my blog. Be sure to follow as I'm following yours! Thanks :)

    good band

    haha, his flow is funny

    He has interesting flow..

    I do have to say I am 100% supportive of his legalization stance, as well!

    Anonymous says:

    mc chris anyone? lol

    Matte says:

    Noot bad :D

    ^^ haha shhh ytcracker is better than mc chris, chris is def on his grind though, and gives a lot back to the community

    DavidMade says:

    Wow very good video, very talented.

    loloriz0r says:

    The 2005 stuff was epic.

    Not bad actually going have to look up some of his stuff.

    shit is dope! definitely following from here on out

    haha, hot fire

    Dbankai says:

    Nice i lol'd at the vaporizer

    Pietje says:

    Not good, not bad...

    Following and supporting

    NePsuj says:

    hi, and i know :D so booth blogs are good ;)

    Sebastian says:

    Haha, I lold.

    Frank says:

    Good stuff man, kind of curious about his DJ stuff instead of rapping :)

    pretty good flow

    Tigress says:

    Intersting music.

    Fuuuuuuuu says:

    he has mad flow

    2Beer1Sip says:

    why i didnt knew him???

    haha, that was funny!

    pixel says:

    i thought yt was going to stand for youtube

    Astra says:

    great music

    fedor519 says:

    this guys a G!

    Flippy says:

    nerdcore is the best core! These lyrics are so classic. :]

    great stuff keep up the posts

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