How many of yall have heard of Wax? I doubt you have, as far as I know he's still unsigned. Self proclaiming that he spits clever just because he tongue is bored, Wax comes outta california, he's like The Roots all packed into one person. He plays the piano, guitar, and bass. His brother is Herbal T, who just happens to be nasty on a mic. Oh by the way, he's a dope as hell lyricist.

When you listen to Wax you better make sure no bugs fly in your mouth while your jaw's dropped, cause its gonna stay down for a while. Wax constantly drops multis you wouldn't even expect, he comes out with so many multi rhymes that flow and make sense that you'd think he broke some kind of Da Vinci code for hip hop. One of the most outstanding characteristics of Wax is that he is a self-proclaimed nerd. I can't even think of anyone that he sounds like as far as his sound goes, it's so original.


Liquid Courage

In "Liquid Courage" we see a different side of Wax. He raps about his love of life, women, music, and alcohol. Around a third of the tracks are really funky, and some of them actually have him playing the guitar, another third are smooth and emotional, the other are more of a crunk style without as much bass. He shows his sense of humor on "Last Resort" where he talks about a fat slutty girl always tryin to get laid at the club, saying "any man is an option, any hole in her body she allows cocks in". The length of the album does push it a little bit, to my tastes about five to ten minutes too long. However, it's definitely worth buying if you have the chance, after all you're helping him out since he's unsigned.

"Yo, witness the american dream
its big wax, EOM, beware of the team
we got you muhfuckers nervous like a terrorist scheme
you twitchin, itchin, like a heroin fiend"
-- You Ain't Shit Man

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