Nu Jerzey Devil

Nu Jerzey Devil is on track to epitomize the meaning of “jack of all trades” when it comes to music, and he’s focused on being the master of all that he does. His recent single “Different Girls” featuring Lil Wayne has catapulted the established Black Wall Street producer/DJ to overnight recognition as a lyricist and songwriter, kicking of his bigger plan for 2009.

In addition to developing his own LiveliHood Entertainment label, Nu Jerzey Devil will be releasing his Art of the Devil mixtape project in February, followed by an EP of original work entitled Heaven or Hell in April, and his full-length debut album Devil’s Playground in August, all in association with SoBe Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Fontana Distribution.

Born Anthony Torres in the South Bronx, Nu Jerzey Devil lived on Cedar Avenue with his family. When he was four-years-old, his mother and six siblings moved to New Jersey. The youngest of the children, Torres emulated his older brothers every move and soon caught on to their influences in Hip Hop. By age seven, Nu Jerzey Devil began rapping, and when he was 18 he traded a friend a .45 caliber gun for DJ equipment. As the inspiration to make music overtook him, he procured a Dr. Rhythm beat machine and a Yamaha DJX keyboard to start his own production endeavors.

Within two years of his start-up as a producer, Jerzey was contacted by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins of Darkchild Productions. Impressed by the budding artist, Jerkins took Jerzey with him to Miami for a few meetings. When they returned home, Nu Jerzey Devil immediately joined the Darkchild team, and scored the soundtrack for the 2003 Jessica Alba film Honey (Universal Pictures). The pair then moved to Los Angeles and worked on My Baby's Daddy (Miramax Films) starring Anthony Anderson, Eddie Griffin and Method Man.

During his time in L.A., Jerzey linked with Darkchild team member Phat Rat, and was introduced to Dr. Dre protégé The Game. They immediately hit the studio and recorded "The Black Wall Street Anthem" – most notably heard as The Black Wall Street's intro on their official website. The chemistry bubbled as the duo continued recording, as The Game was simultaneously creating The Black Wall Street label. Without hesitation, Nu Jerzey Devil was the first signee to the new company. He moved to Compton, California to Cedar Block, and history was in the making.

While Nu Jerzey Devil continues to produce and record with The Game and the rest of Black Wall Street, he is now taking the time to act on his aspirations for a solo career. “I always wanted to be an artist, but never really took it seriously,” he explains. “One day Game said, ‘You should start rapping since you already have a fan base’ and I was like, ‘You know what? Why not?’ And that’s when I went in and laid down some vocals.”

Nu Jerzey Devil’s first official rap venture is the single “Different Girls” featuring Lil Wayne, which has turned out to be an instant hit with fans. His new mixtape Art of the Devil will give the streets a solid taste of Jerzey’s lyrical and songwriting abilities. Features will include The Game and Lil Wayne; however this is going to be a true testament to Nu Jerzey Devil’s own talent. “I really didn’t want to crowd my mixtape with other artists, because I feel like it’s my mixtape, and I want people to hear and truly get a feel for me,” he explains.

The upcoming EP Heaven or Hell and full-length album Devil’s Playground will further the movement as he incorporates original production and well thought-out guest spots. Other producers already slated for these projects include Scott Storch, E.P. (Executive Producer for The Game’s LAX album) and Jerzey’s own LiveliHood Entertainment production team Surround Sound. The feature line-up thus far includes Reggae star Jah Cure, R&B sensation Raheem Devaughn, Lil Wayne and The Game.

As he develops his music, Nu Jerzey Devil will set aside outside projects for a while; however he is confident in his long term relationship with Black Wall Street being there as he grows. “Me and Game will always work together,” explains Jerzey. “He's been my homie since day one, and will always be my homie no matter what. We are actually planning a new mixtape together really soon, so be on the lookout for that!”

While he reps New Jersey to the fullest, the young world-traveler is taking a universal approach to his music. “I just want people to know that Nu Jerzey Devil is definitely a well-rounded artist. You never know what to expect from me. Today I might be on some hood sh*t, and tomorrow I can be on some pop record. I do music for the whole world, not just for one area or person. I don't limit myself at all.”


Single: I Ain't Neva Scared

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  1. Great writeup, the beat almost sounds like something AraabMuzik would come up with (hi-hats wise).

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    Vid is decent.

    have to check him out

    its good ^^

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    Thanks, I will check it out soon.

    checkin it

    I hope he can make it to a solo career.

    MacAttack says:

    I don't like him I'm afraid to say..

    Alexander says:

    You should look up Reed Dollaz, He's a Philly rapper and pretty good if I may say so

    The last verse brought it all together.

    great post

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    cool vid bro

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