Juice Rapper from Phoenix, Arizona. Signed to Black Wall Street after The Game was touring Arizona, and received Juice's demo. Juice has released a mixtape, Death Certificate, hosted by >DJ Skee, The mixtape was nominated for four "Mixtape Justo Awards". Juice recently released his second mixtape, "Position of Power". He is currently working on "American Me: Voice of the People", and his debut studio album 'The Anticipated'.

Single: Illest New Rapper Alive

10 Response to "Juice"

  1. Decent! I don't really like his delivery though.

    i agree with rachel.. the beat is decent, but he doesn't put much energy into his delivery. kind of sounds like hes bored with his own song lol.


    I thought it was an okay song. I liked it.

    Anonymous says:

    Not too bad. Not the greatest in the world, but definitely worth the listen.

    Merlyy says:

    Juice rocks!

    MacAttack says:

    Nice artist, fuck i like it.

    Jaylan says:

    Juice is the stuff

    This is a great idea for a blog. It's hard to find new underground artists any way other than word of mouth. I'll definitely be following you.

    This is a sweet track by the way. Good choice.

    ebm93 says:

    Not my style, but cool nonetheless.

    Chris says:

    Good, not great.

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