Born and raised in Southern California, SwizZz is not your stereotypical MC. Through his music, SwizZz reveals a wide range of experiences, much of which he credits to his biracial background. He is not, nor does he claim to be, a “thug” or a “gangsta”, but prides himself on being able to reach the masses by being honest about his confrontations with life’s challenges. It is not always glamorous or positive, but you can count on SwizZz being true to himself.

After high school SwizZz got accepted into the University of California at Irvine, but after two years he has decided put his education on hold in order to pursue a career in music. He was having a hard time figuring out what he wanted to major in, and because he couldn’t find anything he was passionate about in school, he didn’t want to continue down a path in which he was not going to put forth 100% of his effort. SwizZz strives for perfection, and quite frankly, mediocrity is not an option.

Since dropping out of college SwizZz has been in the studio, grinding away at his music. While working on all elements of his craft from songwriting and storytelling, to his physical fitness and image, he still finds time to bless the mic with a freestyle session. And SwizZz’s freestyles are always off the top, never written, never rehearsed. Some folks have described his style as “real”, “raw”, “loony”, “creative”, “insightful”, and “authentic”. But however you want to describe him the man is a unique talent.

SwizZz is inspired by all type of music, from hip-hop and alternative rock, to trance and R&B. If you got a hold of his iPod, then you would find Jay-Z, Canibus, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, 2pac, Eminem, DMX, NaS, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, and Circa Survive just to name a few of the many artists that he is a fan of.

A pivotal player in the Funk Volume movement, he plans to help us usher in a whole new era of music and develop up-and-coming artists.

If you need to find SwizZz, he is the basement, writing, producing, working out, and honing the various skills needed to perfect his craft.


Single: Good Morning SwizZzle!

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  1. pretty good

    Playing through the second time. He has good lyrics but shitty beats.

    Zoe! says:

    I love this post :D

    Brendan says:

    great music

    Bobby says:

    I've heard of him before, he's tight

    creating a whole new genre is very difficult. I hope he's up for the task

    Atreties says:

    Good music from this guy. Will have to keep opdated with this great blog!

    WagDatto says:

    Decent... not great, but it was ok. Nice blog, I'll keep following and supporting!


    Dude, I think he grew up down the street from me.

    his hard work has paid off!

    Ramsay says:

    Wow this guy's gone through a lot. He obviously doesn't pay much for beats but his rhymes are pretty damn good.

    Niko says:

    What he should do is change his name. Marketing wise he might get confused for swizz beats, who I thought you were talking about until I played the vid.

    PS, can you try to resize the vid next time? It's just all outta wack.

    mtn says:

    This guy is cool. will listen to it more often

    his rhyme scheme is pretty cool, but I don't like his voice/delivery.

    Not bad again, I like the information you put up on him.

    they have some unique sound, and thats not something i normally say for this genre

    wutssz says:

    Never heard about it! Thanks for share!

    mmm don't quite like it

    S.S. says:

    Not my genre of music, but thanks for sharing :)

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