New release from Manna over a Lark on my Go Kart beat --

29 Response to "Manna"

  1. great vid

    @Mister Sharaf

    It was the same picture from the begining to the end...

    Great song tho! Never heard about this hiphop artist before. I'll sure look it up!

    "If you can't say something nice."

    The Champ says:

    Pretty sweet rhymes. I like the beat!
    followin :]

    Shady says:

    cool musik!


    Good beat!

    mind says:

    music of art

    Gurney says:

    lol fucking burt. song is awesome also

    Alex says:

    neato xD

    waited for this one to break out.......never happend though :(
    alright track

    poorfags says:

    That's real fuckin neato, bro.

    Smile says:

    I like the beat, lyrics didn't impress

    Nice song!

    ImmaFrog says:

    That album cover is neatto, bra

    sweet beat

    Lol nice videO!

    tigey says:

    Agree with you Smile, not the best lyrics, but beat was nice

    I love sesame street.

    That's real fuckin' neato.

    Peacock says:

    That's it. I figured it out. Sounds like a whiter version of the deep voice guy from Jurassic 5. The verbal Herman Munsta! And lol, a shoutout to wikileaks....

    poopstm says:

    lol cool vids !

    NooG says:

    love this song... you have good taste... followin!

    damn that was awesome. Love Burt just chillin' on the cover also. haha

    Good song. Ever hear Hollywood Undead?

    Greatness. I like it

    killer beat

    Great music!

    im the white rabbit

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