Adsense has officially stalled my payment twice now by cutting my earnings back at the end of the month. Fuck em, don't make me think I'm getting something when I'm not.

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  1. How can they cut your earnings? I mean, what you earned should be what you get, no?

    Gurney says:

    gah thats so lame. will have to hop on aim and talk to you soon.

    Yeah, how'd they cut your earnings? If that happens to me, I'm gonna be pissed...

    ImmaFrog says:

    I feel you, bra. Once I get payed what they owe me i'll change to another service. Advertisement is not free.

    I'll be interested to see what happens when my time comes to get paid I'll switch if they screw me Immafrog said it Advertisement isn't free.

    Good luck with them.

    What reason did they give for stalling the payments?

    yeah, Banhammer blows man.

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