Mr. Lif

Mr. Lif (born Jeffrey Haynes) is a Boston rapper who is currently signed to New York independent label Definitive Jux. Besides his solo career, Lif is also a member of the hip hop group The Perceptionists with long-time friends and collaborators Akrobatik and DJ Fakts One. Mr. Lif grew up in the neighbourhood of Brighton in Boston, MA. For two years he attended Colgate University, dropping out after becoming enamored with the hip hop music being produced at the time. He became a performer in 1994. In 2000 and 2001 he won the Kahlua Boston Music Awards for Outstanding Rap/Hip Hop Act. Mr. Lif’s family ancestry is Barbadian, and his faith Rasta.


Single: Live From The Plantation

23 Response to "Mr. Lif"

  1. Pardon my superficial comment but this guy would be a lot more appealing if I didnt have to look at him :)

    Cubicle jobs for the lose! Funny video clip but didn't really like the song. Yet another hiphop artist I never heard about! Thanks for the review.

    IDDQD says:

    lol @ Whoopi Goldberg rapping! :D

    Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed the song, just didn't like his hair.

    thx for the comment, remember once u hit your 100 too u automatically win.

    thanks for your comment! I'm actually thinking about changing my layout soon too :/

    Lost hard at IDDQD's comment: "Whoopi Goldberg rapping".

    Alright video for an alright song. Not really my taste, but it was decent.

    Sinisa says:

    goood to know...

    Anonymous says:

    whoopie goldberg does office space lol, actually listen to what he says after 2:45, i agree totally

    Its ok...

    another victory man. nice post.

    Prof says:

    LOL at the whoopi comment!

    Big John says:

    Nice blog!

    Fred says:

    Meh - not a fan of rap in general... cool blog though!

    SpringyB says:

    Ha, interesting lyrics. I agree with him.

    Gurney says:

    guy looks gross as all hell. good song tho

    lovely x hivennn.

    He's got a nice flow on that track! Those are some thick Rasta dreads.

    >Whoopi Goldberg rapping.
    I lol'd hard.

    Hm, not sure what to think in regards to the music video but I didn't like the song that much. =T

    Mr Lif is a great rapper. My favourites are I Phantom, Return of the B-Boy, and the tracks he did with Edan.

    Frank says:

    Pretty nice stuff man !!

    Mitaec says:

    saw this dude on a dreadlocks forums few years ago. this was the first song i heard of him btw, love it.

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