Cannibal Ox

Cannibal Ox is a New York hip-hop duo made up of Vast Aire and Vordul Mega, with El-P, the founder of the Definitive Jux label, handling the lion’s share of production. Their first record,The Cold Vein, has been heralded as a major turning point in both hip-hop production and lyrical organization. Several notable guests appear on the album, including C-Rayz Walz, Alaska, Cryptic One, L.I.F.E. Long and El-P himself, while Vordul’s baritone and Vast’s nasal-y styles connect the eclectic project together. For those interested in both the band and Def Jux the Revenge of the Robots DVD provides an interesting look into the lives of El-P, Vast Aire, Aesop Rock and other stars of the label.

For a while, the group was rumored to have disbanded. In 2003 however, fellow Definitive Jux rapper Murs said, “By the way, Can Ox is not broken up, it’s just a rumor” between tracks on fellow Definitive Jux rapper Aesop Rock’s album Bazooka Tooth. November 2005 brought the release of a live album, Return of the Ox: Live at CMJ, in the liner notes of which is the statement “Look out for the new full length LP by Cannibal Ox Summer of 06.”

In addition to El-P, legendary producers Pete Rock and The RZA have reportedly signed on to contribute to the project. DJ Mighty Mi, who collaborated with Vast Aire in 2005, would be a likely producer as well.


Single: Let's Move

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  1. That guy at 0:50 looks too high/drunk to even roll a joint!Yet great song, thanks

    They were certainly having a high old time filming that.

    Vapor says:

    I love the reverse smoke.

    joobs says:


    that's a great duo :) thanks for sharing hiphop song like that ;)

    I am liking this song. Thanks for the vid, bud!

    miecak says:

    Strange name, once again.

    sounds oldschool/90's. i dig it.

    tigey says:

    Not the best audio quality here, but I can see why this is enjoyable to people

    Brilliant and bizzare cheers

    love underground or upcoming stuff.

    Marina says:

    nice, thanks for stopping at my blog

    xx Marina

    IDDQD says:

    At least they don't sound like pop. As most rappers to now..

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