"In 2005 Fatlip released his solo debut, The Loneliest Punk. It includes his single from 2000, "What's Up Fatlip" (which was included in the soundtrack for Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and the Youth in Revolt (film) soundtrack). The music video for "What's Up Fatlip" was directed by Spike Jonze. The album features guest appearances by Chali 2na (on the song 'Today's Your Day,' which is included in the skateboarding film, Yeah Right!), as well as Shock G (on the song 'Freaky Pumps'). The album contains songs produced by J-Swift who was responsible for the production of The Pharcyde's first album Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde."

"Fatlip, master rapper of soulful self-satire and hangdog humor, has always been the most outsized personality within The Pharcyde. Perhaps that's why Fatlip was the first member of that legendary group to go solo, dropping the smash single "What's Up Fatlip?" with its Spike Jonze-directed video in 2000.
Another five years passed before the appearance of Fatlip's debut full-length The Loneliest Punk, an overlooked gem that featured the boy/girl blow-by-blow "The Story Of Us" and the booty call-out "Freaky Pumps." Fatlip has drawn comparisons to everyone from Cab Calloway to Ol Dirty Bastard, and in 2007 Fatlip's fishy rhymes sent The Chemical Brother's "The Salmon Dance" swimming to the upper reaches of the pop charts. "

Single: What's Up Fat Lip?

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