"Blackalicious is an American hip hop duo from Sacramento, California made up of rapper Gift of Gab (born Tim Parker) and DJ/producer Chief Xcel (born Xavier Mosley). They are noted for Gift of Gab's often "tongue-twisting", multisyllabic, complex rhymes and Chief Xcel's "classic" beats. The pair have released three full-length albums (1999's Nia, 2002's Blazing Arrow and 2005's The Craft), and have been described as "one of the most popular groups in the independent hip-hop scene.". At a recent solo show (June, 2010) Gift of Gab announced that he and Chief Xcel were 7 songs into their new album, and hoping for an early 2011 release."


Single: Alphabet Aerobics

13 Response to "Blackalicious"

  1. Paul says:

    sounds tight

    Brandon says:

    Not bad at all, I like the vid haha

    My roommate in college use to listen to them all the time. :D

    ImmaFrog says:

    incredible video, bro

    FORISBAN says:

    thanks for post. I really like this song!

    S says:

    I love your dedication to rap

    HondaX says:

    interesting video...

    jura1991 says:

    grat song

    Lepoidim says:

    Lol there quite good.

    damn thats pretty sick.

    iMonei says:

    he's smooth!!!

    dous says:

    I wish I could rap like that..shit..

    I agree with this one as well. That alphabet song is bugged out. I think you should add Black Thought to the list as well. He's slept on like crazy. His lyrics are so intricate yet so fluid. He' over your head and right under your nose.

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