Mac Lethal

Originally a battle rapper, Kansas City local Mac Lethal has evolved since he placed 2nd in the Scribble Jam tournament in 2001. Four years later, he founded Black Clover Records with his friend Jeremy Willis. He has a different way of marketing himself than most rappers, he releases "Love Potions" in order to help him pay his bills, typically releasing one a year, releasing six to date. His debut album was 11:11 which was released through RhymeSayers Entertainment in 2007 (Atmosphere, Soul Position, etc.) and was given 3 1/2 stars by Two of him claims-to-mainstream-fame are "Sun Storm" which was played on America's Best Dance Crew, and "Lookin' Bro" which was a song mocking "bros".

The song I have chosen to share is due to a mixture of the video and the song itself, the video is very old timey, which I like a lot, and a very vibey fun beat to go alongside Mac's veteran-status rhymes. Make sure to check him out on if you get a chance, you might even get a shot to talk to him :P I know I did, and he thinks I'm an asshole! So suck on this one, Mac!

Single: Undertow

23 Response to "Mac Lethal"

  1. Fuuuuuuuu says:

    nice vid

    i did not liked it ,

    Chris says:

    that guy is rapping really fast.
    wonder why he isn't getting his tongue stuck some time lol

    Just hope he hates using Macs

    Astra says:

    nice vid, thanks for sharing

    Dan says:

    awesome, not bad man.

    great stuff right there

    keep posting the goods, been watchin iron soloman since last night because of your last video.

    LD says:

    i like it sounds good

    Nice jam there.

    Stav88os says:

    Cool Story Bro!;)

    Alixander says:


    The video is really cool and the song is great.
    I've not listened to much of mac lethal but i'm gonna look into grab some stuff. :D

    Not bad, not bad. I really like the music video!

    DavidMade says:

    Music video was really interesting, thanks for the post.

    ImmaFrog says:

    i enjoyed the video

    He actually has a really likable sound and flow.

    cool :D

    keep it up :D

    Got some nice beats to it :)

    Joe says:

    great video :D.

    HondaX says:

    this vid is great dude

    I started watching Grindtime youtube battle videos and my first one I ever saw was Mac Lethal DESTROYING Dirtbag Dan. awesome stuff.

    Palyman92 says:


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