Majik Most

Majik Most is in one word, CRAZY. He's good friends with Celph Titled and they work together often. He's goofy as can be, and his newest album "You Got Jokes?!" goes over topics such as Molesters, Cannibals, Flamethrowers, Beating Animals, and Fat Booties!! He's definitely worth giving a listen. To show you just how crazy he is, here's his quote from Myspace:

"Originally from Miami, Majik always had skills, even as a 2-year old he once made a karaoke machine explode and at the age of 5 one of his metaphors made and elderly man flip out of a wheelchair. In the summer of 1992 MajikMost moved to Tampa, FL and met Dutchmassive. They quickly discovered how they both had this love for hiphop in common. And despite setbacks such as majik accidentally launching a broom thru dutch's bedroom window twice and getting banned from his apartment complex for graffiti, you could always catch them rhyming and building their skills further."


Single: The Last Laugh
(he comes in second)

16 Response to "Majik Most"

  1. Lepoidim says:

    Lol, a bit different but it's decent.

    Mr Bacon says:

    I usually don't like this sort of stuff, but curiosity got the best of me and i kind of liked that lol, i gotta listen to it like 10 times in a row to start triping out!

    I like this!

    LOL "You Got Jokes" is one hilarious album.
    My friend has it and i always crack up when he plays it. :D

    fedor519 says:

    My kinda shieeet right here people. Good stuff OP i give you full credit lol.

    rzulu says:

    Thanks for posting music I other wise wouldn't hear.

    DavidMade says:

    Very hilarious. *Following!

    Cacti says:

    Not bad.

    haha, that was funny

    ImmaFrog says:

    Awesome video

    2Beer1Sip says:

    nice song bro

    He has some sick rhymes

    bangerang says:

    sick song bro

    Teh R-lax says:

    love album art, interesting uploads! will have to check sum dis outtt

    KTOTHES says:

    Dood the "jack ass" I am digging the song as well.

    "you got jokes" following follow back

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