Lets take a moment to reminisce.

14 Response to "RIP NATE DOGG"

  1. D4 says:

    R.I.P. :/

    Chuck says:

    One of the few 50 cent songs I like. I think its got bits of Barry White's 'only love doing it's thing' in it. :) RIP Nate

    Yeah this sucks big time.

    thats what happens whan you..

    "smoke weed every day"

    Alphabeta says:

    I heard.
    I'll pump this in memory.

    Showtek says:

    R.I.P, loved that guy

    Jung says:

    RIP indeed. I'm listening to Never Leave Me Alone as I write this.

    I was so sad when I heard about Nate passing!

    He's up there smoking a blunt with Tupac.

    "If you smoke like I smoke,
    Than you're high like every day"

    Sad sad sad news =/
    I had respect for ya LAdaaaaaay....


    Merlyy says:

    Never heard any of his songs but the name rings up

    Still sad, RIP

    RIP. Not a fan of the song though. Or 50 Cent for that matter.

    a legend! rip

    so how did he die?

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