Since the age of 16, Knobody has been busy developing his unique blend of rhyme & spoked word (coined as \"Rappetry\") to become one of the most recognized young emcees in the Bay Area hip-hop scene. Knobody began his career selling EP\'s of his rhymes in &; around the streets of the Bay for $2 a pop. He showed his passion &; dedication to the craft a few years later, when what began as a joint effort between several fellow artist became his 2001 solo debut \"Tha Book of Mathieu\". With a great deal of underground buzz & success of the album & subsequent mixtapes, in 2006 Knobody took his talents across the Bay Bridge to San Francisco where he dominated Philip Drummonds monthly \"Beats, Rhymes & Life\" song competition at the Element Lounge. Dont mistake him for a battle rapper though, the point of the contest was to craft the best complete song, not to freestyle or diss the other emcees. His reign as champion only ended when he was asked to step down & become a judge of the competition to give the other rappers a chance. From there, Knobody\'s career began to gain serious momentum. In late 2006, Hieroglyphics emcee & resident A&R man, Casual, happened to be at a show that Knobody was performing at. Casual couldn\'t stop listening to the CD Knobody had given him months earlier, &; within weeks Knobody was negotiating a deal with Hiero Imperium to become the first member of their new Triple i League crew. Casual has high praise for him- \"Knobody\'s well of rhymes runs deep. The only other emcee I\'ve heard who can stay on the same subject throughout a song without having to switch up is Eminem.\" Anyone who is familiar with Casuals formidable skills knows that this is not praise to be taken lightly. In September 2007, Hiero Imperium released Knobody\'s first (official) project \"Tha Clean-Up\", a heavy hitting, fully realized album that aims to do what a clean-up hitter does on a baseball team: smack one out of the park. Knobody has re-teamed up with Da Beathoven(Scion/Roland 2007 King of the Beats Champion), Retro(the Tones), & other friends & fellow artist and in 2011 is set to release his follow up, tha GO AHEAD, Knobody looks to pick up right where he left off...\" With his next album highly anticipated, & touring in & around the country becoming a regular thing, one thing is certain...the \"Kno-Show\" is just getting started!!!


Single: On My Job

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  1. Good song. I liked it.

    Thanks for that song, this dude is decent

    Chris says:

    Not bad.

    Merlyy says:

    Nice song =)

    nice song

    I liked it. I'll have to listen to more of him before I commit to getting him on my itunes.

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