It’s only a matter of time before the world is talking about Elijah. His lyrical skills and freestyle flow have caught the attention of many hip hop heavy hitters and landed him onstage with Snoop, Diddy, The Cheetah Girls, B5, T.I., Juelz Santana, Jadakiss. 50 Cent referred to Elijah as "the future". He even put him on his website and personally called Elijah to speak with him about a record deal. (See Thisis50.com)..

He has also guest starred on NBC’s longest running drama Law & Order and has appeared in national ads for gear such as Phat Farm and Rocawear. His song and video "Beautiful Day" appeared in the Luc Besson directed movie, "Arthur and the Invisibles", along with Snoop, Jewel and Madonna. He even co-hosted a radio show. All by the age of 11.

Fresh off Disney’s Incubator Tour, with his debut single "Girlfriend," (Universal/ Motown) Elijah rocks the mic with the style and swagger of a young Jay-z; the addicitive hook and playful rhymes keeps young and old entertained. He also has several national commercial ads airing on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, BET, Cartoon Network

Raised by a single father in Harlem, Elijah Harris, simply know as Elijah, started out like many other children. He would listen to the radio, memorize the rhymes of his favorite artists and perform them for his family. His grandmother (Evangelist Yolanda Harris) often encouraged him. When she passed in 2003 from breast cancer, Elijah took pen to paper and wrote his own raps expressing his feelings about her. "She inspired me", says the 7th grader. My grandmother introduced me to Jesus."

The song entitled "A Tribute to Grandma 04-09-03," caused his father, Lee Harris, to realize that his son had a gift. A chance meeting put Elijah in front of record mogul Damon Dash where he dazzled him with his freestyle flow. Dash put him in a Rocawear ad and jumpstarted his modeling career. Dame also put him in the studio and encouraged him to create a mixtape. Elijah continued to write rhymes and Lee moved forward to put together a mixtape for him.

I’m Only 9 (approximately 40,000 copies sold to date) generated the type of buzz in 2005 reserved for stars in the making. He has also dropped a new mixtape entitled "Fresh" in the summer of 2007. Elijah performs with a confidence and assurance rarely seen in his age group and defies comparison. His song "We Look Up to You" addresses all of his favorite rappers and is buzzing on many DJ’s Playlist including Game’s new mixtape.

Fun and positive are how Elijah describes his music. He hopes it will inspire other kids to stay in school and to always believe in God, "because he is your answer." While Christianity is a running theme throughout his music, it doesn’t overshadow it. "He’s a Christian child who lost his grandmother at a young age and decided to express his feelings through hip hop," explains his father. Elijah frequently performs for breast cancer benefits, church concerts, children hospitals, schools and group homes to promote positive awareness. He also opened up for the UniverSoul Circus with WBLS.

Radio personality Pezo Coconut was so impressed by Elijah that he made him the co-host of Hot 102.1 and 107.9 in Virginia Beach, VA. Elijah created a forum where kids could call in and fans, old and new school, began to tune in. He soon caught the ear of Universal/Motown head Sylvia Rhone and Tone from Trackmasters and was signed to a deal in 2005. Elijah is now a free agent.

Even though he now spends time on the road performing and working on his new album, he still finds time to be a kid. His favorite subjects in school include math, english and science. He also loves basketball and plays point guard and shooting guard.

This is only the first act for Elijah. When he says "In five years I want to be a movie star, superstar and the greatest of all time," - at the rate he’s going, it will soon happen.


Single: Hydrolics Freestyle Remix

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  1. D4 says:

    Wow I'm really feeling this kid. "The Future" is a good way to put him.

    this kid has got it....im gonna find some more of him

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    Hes a badass

    sick beats bro

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    great read!

    WOW the beat is AWESOME. absolutely love it. cant wait for this guy to boom

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    Not bad. We'll see what Elijah comes out with in the future.

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    Love that beat! Looking forward for upcoming posts!

    i like this :)

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    Cool beat and bass line

    Alan says:

    My baby counsins name is elijiah.

    wonder if he will turn into a rapper.

    Id like to see where he is in a couple years.

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