Musab “Sab The Artist” Saad’s music career began as a hip hop artist named Beyond in his hometown Minneapolis, MN.

A member of the Headshots crew he went on to co-found Indie Hip Hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment and released the labels’ first album Beyond Comparison. Sab is a member of Dynospectrum which includes Slug and Ant of Atmosphere, I Self Devine of the Micronauts and Mr. Gene Poole. The Dynospectrum’s self titled album is revered by fans and critics alike. His solo catalog includes the vinyl EP Actin' Rich, “The BE-sides” tape, Respect The Life, Slicks Box and his most recent release Sab The Artist EP which has garnered rave reviews.

Sab has been working towards the release of his new album HGH (Heaven, Girls, Hell) with Ultra Chorus, consisting of Jeffrey Lorentzen and Chris Heidman (Sukpatch) of Minneapolis, MN. The 3 have been fusing together Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, and Electronic sounds for this project.


Single: Hat & Shoes

12 Response to "Musab"

  1. Isaac says:

    Wow this guy does not sound like he's from Minnesota lol

    Zakk says:

    pretty cool, glad I'm following you.


    KUSHtunes says:

    Maybe it's because i'm watching a video but it makes it not feel like a rap. I think i could enjoy it in my car just chillin. nice find.

    Sounds good

    Cool song bro.

    ed says:

    his flow is good, his mic is also pretty classy

    Anonymous says:

    Sound nice, it's ok for me :)

    Alixander says:

    Another reason why Minnesota is an awesome state.

    this got my attention. nice beat.

    Anonymous says:

    chalk up another win for rhymesayers, musab is mellow.

    damn dude great post and great blog. i really appreciate that you take time to put in a little artist bio and some science on how these mc's are doing it. definitely followin!

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