Jazze Pha

Phalon Anton Alexander (born 1974), also known as Jazze Pha (pronounced /ˈdʒæzi ˈfeɪ/ JAZ-ee FAY), is an American singer, rapper, record producer and songwriter.

His well known trademark is hollering "Ladies and Gentlemen!" at the beginning, and sometimes at the end of the tracks he has contributed to.

He made an early appearance on Erick Sermon's 1995 album Double or Nothing performing on a skit and collaborating with Sermon on "Man Above".

Jazze Pha's first hit was the club anthem from Tela, "Sho Nuff", the label banner of the producer's company.

His first production was for Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat, and Johnny Gill on supergroup LSG's first album, with the fresh "Let A Playa Get His Freak On", in 1997.

Other artists he has collaborated with include Nelly, Ludacris, T.I., U.G.K., Lil Wayne, Nate Dogg, Ras Kass, Trick Daddy, Petey Pablo, Big Boi, Ciara, Girlicious and Eightball & MJG.

Pha also helped Ciara start out her career. He produced the hit single, which was titled "1, 2 Step", which featured Missy Elliott, which was included on her debut album which was named Goodies, which was released in 2004. He also produced the tracks which were called "Thug Style", "Pick Up the Phone", and "Lookin' at You". Two years later in 2006, he produced her hit single, which was called "Get Up", the song featured Chamillionaire, and was included on her album named Ciara: The Evolution. The two have not worked since then,because Pha says they have not seen eye-to-eye.

His father is Bar-Kays bassist, James Alexander. He is named after the late Phalon Jones, a member of his father's group. His mother is an experienced singer named Denise Williams, but contrary to widespread belief, she is not chart-topping R&B and gospel singer, Deniece "Niecy" Williams.


Single: Hey Girl ft Cee-Lo

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  1. "Its a Jazze Pha production" :)
    Yeah he's had some good moments

    Palyman92 says:

    Nice thanks for showing me him. Unrelated but check out Laws. He is pretty good. look up "target practice" Laws

    TWIG128 says:

    Love Cee-Lo Green

    love the vibe of it all, great sound imo

    synoptixs says:

    jeez his family is all musicians haha

    Zahk! says:

    I know this is about Jazze Pha, but Cee-Lo is so great, he totally stole the show in that video.

    Yeah man, cee-lo is a ledge.

    Cool. He comes from a very music oriented family.

    Dr. Grim says:

    nice sound, thanks for posting it man.

    Alan says:

    this guy sung the song fuck you as well didn't he...

    like the song, thanks for sharing. following

    Thanks, really enjoyed the song.

    Erasmus says:

    lol, looks like music is the family business, as a few other commenters have mentioned.

    Brendan says:

    awesom music

    going old school. i remember listening to this.

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