DJ Keiz... dude right here is constantly on his grind around here, and the dude sucks. Constantly spamming people, shit like that. So I at least wanted to make a page that ranked highest for his name that simply states that DJ Keiz sucks. Simple as that. DJ Keiz sucks. He promotes his 'label' TNG Entertainment, which nobody knows about and has absolutely no chance of getting popular. Keiz can't even rhyme or drop metaphors above a third grade level, its pretty sad shit. Here's a nice little note DJ Keiz wrote, saying it was a rap:

"N-ggas couldn’t do nothing with me
they put the devil on me
I would have preferred if n-ggas squeeze the metal on me
Rumours of Lucifer
I don’t know who to trust
whole world want my demise turn my music up
here me clearly, if y’all niggas fear me
just say y’all fear me
f-ck all these fairy tales
go to hell
This is God engineering
This is a Hail Mary pass,
y’all interfering
he without sin shall cast the first stone
so y’all look in the mirror
double check your appearance
b-tch I said I was amazing
Not that I’m a Mason
It’s amazing that I made it though the maze that I was in
Lord forgive me I never would’ve made it without sin
lyrics courtesy of
Holy water my face in the basin
Diamonds in my Rosary shows He forgave him
B-tch I’m red hot, I’m on my third six but the devil I’m not
My Jesus peice flooded but thou shall not covet
keep your eyes off my cupboard I’m a bad motherf-cker
it’s HOV
just say you love it"

DJ Keiz also talks about the new world order and how masons are going to take over. A lot of conspiracy theory shit. But if yall wanna hear something with audio from DJ Keiz, check it:


  1. Where do I sign?

    imarkzor says:

    Hmm, this is a little too close to what I just talked about in my blog, about the sharp decline in good rap. Following you for sure, I like your insight.
    Check my post titled "Rap These Days... :|"
    Be sure to watch the video, Im interested to see how you feel about it.

    Chris says:

    Totally agree with you dude

    DC says:

    Greenville does suck...

    Completely agree.

    DJ Keiz says:

    Make sure you come check out more of my music and mixtapes.

    Those are Jay-Zs lyrics.
    Thanks for the promotion of my city and my music.

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