"At only 23 years of age, Sadistik has quickly become one of the most exciting new artists to emerge from the underground hip-hop scene. By crafting a sound that is uniquely his own with intricately woven rhymes that are both emotionally resounding and technically innovative, Sadistik has been garnering new fans since the release of his debut album “The Balancing Act. ” This record has been heralded by many critics for its fearlessly emotional potency because “after you are done listening to you feel as though you have the world’s strongest drug in your veins.” ( When this sound was combined with the collaborations with Rhymesayers recording artist Mac Lethal and Vast Aire from Cannibal Ox fame, it becomes clear why so many have considered this an underground classic. Following the release of “The Balancing Act” was the release of the music video for the single titled “Searching for Some Beautiful” which also received an extremely positive response from both fans and new listeners alike.

Sadistik’s efforts are not limited to recordings, however, as he can be found performing his intimate yet energetic shows around his home of Seattle and around various cities in the United States. Sadistik has already shared the stage with hip hop icons such as: Tech N9ne, Slaughterhouse, D12, Cage, Eyedea, and Mac Lethal to name a few. He is currently finishing up two separate projects simultaneously."


Single: Searching for Some Beautiful

13 Response to "Sadistik"

  1. tigey says:

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    Anonymous says:

    Love when the beat comes in at 0:35! It's so dope!

    Not masokistik enough to listen all the way through.

    Paul says:

    This is def is my fav from what you have posted

    Digger says:

    yeah he's definitely got flow. music video made me laugh though, if i go around town with a video camera i'd probably get shit thrown at me

    Sinisa says:

    nice blog...

    Bart says:

    you're a babe

    miecak says:

    So the whole post is a quote ? :D

    Thanks anyway ^^

    jura1991 says:

    you are one of my favourite blogers

    iRetiv says:

    that is a great band

    KillerKun says:

    interesting video clip

    kushman says:

    Neat video, I liked the lyrics.

    His delivery is good, I'm not a huge fan of the tone of his voice though. Not bad overall

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